Those of you who know me are aware that I’m always active and looking for new challenges, projects, adventures, or any action that motivates and inspires me, especially if it’s something that can help others. Today, finally, I can tell you about that new project I mentioned a couple of weeks ago, which encompasses all these things.

It’s called Homeless Entrepreneur, a project by Andrew Funk , whom I had the opportunity to interview a couple of weeks ago. During our interview (and delving into the topic later on), he offered me the great opportunity to collaborate in this initiative.

Within the Homeless Entrepreneur program, we find the participants that Andrew explains…

“They are homeless people who want to share their stories and work to become active citizens again.”

I think many of us have a mistaken idea about homeless people, thinking that many of them are in that situation due to drugs or alcohol. Still, we don’t realize that we ourselves could be one of these people and that with a simple change in our lives (whether it’s job loss, divorce, illness, or any other seemingly insignificant change), we could face serious consequences.

Now that you know a bit more about this organization, I want to let you know that I will be collaborating with them by conducting interviews with all those enrolled in the program who want to share their stories. They will tell us what kind of work they are looking for, and in this way, they will have the opportunity to be seen and receive a helping hand. I’m delighted to be part of this fabulous team and to contribute my small grain of sand to solving (or at least helping as many people as possible with) this significant issue that I hope we can improve every day.

You will find all the interviews on my You Tube channel, as well as on their website, where you will also find all the information about each candidate so that you can share, hire, or donate to help. I hope you enjoy the interviews, and that together, we can generate a positive movement to help create a better society.

Here’s the first of these interviews. I look forward to your feedback and, above all, your support for all these individuals.