I am a bilingual professional (Spanish and English) with over 35 years of work experience in various countries, industries, and roles within both international and local companies.

Each of these experiences has allowed me to learn and grow, both professionally and personally. Currently, I provide guidance to entrepreneurs, startups, and small businesses in areas such as Digital Marketing, Customer Service, and Project Organization. My focus is on the use of Artificial Intelligence to streamline processes, optimize sales, and foster customer loyalty.

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My passion is to help companies and entrepreneurs organize projects and turn their ideas and dreams into reality. I offer personalized guidance so you can boost your business and take your projects to the next level.

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I’m here to take you on an exciting learning journey. My courses are anything but dull; they’re designed to be practical and focused on achieving real results. Explore the thrilling terrain of Digital Marketing, Excellence in Customer Service, and the Magic of Project Organization, all powered by the prowess of Artificial Intelligence. Want to learn at your own pace? Then you’re in the right place to take that first big step toward your professional success!

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I collaborate with different volunteer organizations such as Homeless Entrepreneur, the Women’s Reintegration Program (PRM), Isra García’s Excellence Program (PEIG), and currently, I am the Vice President of the Association Tierra de Todas.


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