Faga Out Shop Market Project helps small businesses

Today, the Gypsy Entrepreneurship project for street vending at markets was presented.

The Autonomous Federation of Gypsy Associations of the Valencian Community, in collaboration with the la Fundación Caixa and the Ministry of Equality and Inclusive Policies, has carried out a Gypsy entrepreneurship project for street vending, promoting the sustainability of outdoor markets. Creating strategic alliances to implement policies that favor the permanence of these markets is a first step, as street vending has been in crisis since 2008, and after the health crisis, the situation has worsened even more.

Within this project, two actions have been developed: FAGA OUT SHOP MARKET & SHOP WITH HEART.


Over the past 4 months, I have had the pleasure of participating in the Faga Out Market project, where I developed a training program and a website with the aim of assisting street vendors. The training is focused on Online Marketing & Sales for beginners, covering all the essential aspects for course participants to learn in a dynamic and simple way, with 33 videos divided into seven modules.

Each module includes introductory training on each subject to capture the participants’ attention, introducing them to all aspects of Online Marketing and Sales Formats to help them innovate, refresh their knowledge, and motivate them to continue learning. Within each module, there is information in the form of mini-videos, attachments, or relevant links to each subject. At the end of each module, a test has been developed so that participants can assess what they have learned.

The training is included in the resources section of the website www.fagaoutshopmarket.com, which also includes other sections such as a free showcase for small businesses, services from professionals offering advice and discounts in their sectors, and a news section.


Compra con corazón is the slogan chosen for the advertising campaign to promote markets.

The strategy of this campaign, after a year with very little activity, is to raise awareness among citizens that consuming at municipal markets is much healthier. Open-air shopping is safer and more ecological, as locally sourced products help reduce CO2 emissions in the air. It’s a commitment to shopping locally, more engaged, more supportive, and an experience full of surprises.

Matilde Hernández Romero, President of the Provincial Autonomous Association of Market Sellers in Alicante, expressed her gratitude to FAGA for this project to improve competitiveness and revitalize the activity of the four markets in Alicante: José Manuel Gosálvez (Teulada), Carolinas, Babel, and Benalúa, especially the José Manuel Gosálvez market, which requires more urgent intervention.

The effects of the pandemic have been devastating for our city’s markets, leading to long months of closure and only allowing 50% of stalls to open afterward. This has seriously affected many families who rely on these markets as their sole source of income. Now, more than ever, it is necessary to reactivate shopping at municipal markets. This advertising campaign aims to attract a younger audience and promote a generational shift in shopping habits. Another key objective for us is foreign tourists who enjoy shopping at markets, as it is a valuable experience compared to their home countries.

I am very proud to have had the opportunity to participate in this project, which I hope will help all those people fighting for their jobs or motivate small businesses to catch up with new technologies. I also hope that younger generations will support this type of heartfelt shopping.

Personally, I want to thank María Eugenia González Angulo, Technical Coordinator of FAGA, for trusting me; Abraham Santiago Jiménez, Fieldwork Coordinator in the FAGA Out Shop Market, for all his guidance and patience with me; Matilde Hernández Romero, President of the Provincial Autonomous Association of Market Sellers in Alicante, for her dedication to this project; Sabrina Talaba from FAGA Out Shop Market for her professionalism and laughter during video recordings; Jose Climent from Anckla Comunicación, always my technological support, and… why not? I thank myself for putting so much love and dedication into this great project filled with a lot of heart.