Today I want to tell you about the workshop I conducted with the girls from the PRM Program for Women’s Reintegration, a project by my dear friend Rosa Escandell. We had been trying to coordinate a workshop since before the pandemic, and we had to wait, but finally, last Friday, I was able to go to their facilities in Elche to chat with the program’s girls about ‘Effective Communication in a Job Interview.’ It was a wonderful experience that I want to share with all of you.

I have to admit that it was the first workshop I have ever conducted in my life, and even though you might think I’m very bold and not shy or timid, I’ll tell you that speaking in public has always terrified me, and it wasn’t until a couple of years ago that I found the courage to do it. Partly thanks to my partner (my love) who has always encouraged me to be who I am and raise my voice, and to Isra García and his Excellence Program where I was forced to act or perish.

I’ll tell you that Rocío, one of the social workers from the association, and all the girls made it very easy for me. The workshop was very dynamic, where I encouraged them to raise their voices and tell their stories. Some found it more challenging than others, but they all were very collaborative, and I believe that in the end, they felt (or at least I hope so) more empowered after our session. I left them with homework, and next month, I’ll be torturing them again… So, I’ll keep you updated.

I want to thank Rosa, as always, for thinking of me and seeing me as capable for this very important task. And to all of you, I don’t think I need to tell you that there’s always time to help yourselves, but always, always…